STYLING 101: Try it on, girl! And let us help!

STYLING 101: Try it on, girl! And let us help!


We get it, trying on clothes can be a frustrating experience. Undressing, redressing, snapping, zipping, sweating, cold weather … ugh! Then take into account any physical changes you may be dealing with and the fitting room suddenly becomes the ultimate death trap. There should be a sign outside the door that says “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”, right? So why bother trying clothes on in store?! HERE’S WHY:

1. Not all body types are created equal!

We are here to remind you we are all created uniquely beautiful. We all have different bone structures, heights, weights, types, styles, etc. We can’t all enjoy the same exact apparel that our sisters and girlfriends do. We just can’t! We are all different. But do NOT let this discourage you! If you want to look your most fabu you cannot assume that everything will fit you perfectly without trying it on. This is where most shopping blunders begin. Do not try to do this alone!! Let a stylist help you decide if seams are hitting the right spots and if the item is hanging properly. That’s what they are there for! You will feel so much better about what you have on knowing that it is the right fit for you. Trust us on this one. We will not let you leave Leopard looking like a fool!

2. Not all sizes are created equal!

Size labels. Ugh. Ok, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever tried on a large shirt and are swimming in it, but a size large in another shirt makes you feel like a stuffed sausage? Seriously. I repeat, NOT ALL SIZES ARE CREATED EQUAL! Most brands do not follow universal sizing. Crazy, but true. It’s enough to frustrate you just by reading it. The worst mistake we can make is to label ourselves a certain size. The best thing we can do is to ignore the sizing (for the most part – I mean, you DO need a starting point). If you aren’t fitting into your normal small and need the medium, it doesn’t mean you grew a size. It just means this one article of clothing does not sit well as is, so it’s time to try the next one. If you don’t take care of this in store with the pro’s, you are bound to end up regretting it when you get home and cannot seem to squeeze into your new favorite cold-shoulder dress. But it looked just right on the hanger, you say? Mmm hmm. Heard it all before, sista! Save yourself the therapy session because you are fabulous just the way you are, you just need to try things on first.

3. Not all mirrors are created equal!

Here we go again, right? Well it’s true! You don’t want to end up like Elaine in the skinny mirror episode. Funny mirrors, fluorescent lighting, a bad bloat day and before you know if you’re screaming at your reflection. . . just trust us, a good stylist will never let you leave the store in something unflattering to your body. And it’s not just the mirrors in stores, your mirrors at home may be wonky too. Are you willing to take that risk? Try on in store and get the help and advice from a stylist. It is that easy!

4. Not all Stylists are created equal!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard a woman say that she would have never picked out the items that her Leopard stylist did. And even better they follow up by saying how much they LOVE that pick, and that they feel great in it. Again, this is what a good stylist does! So just let us do our dang thang.

**Disclaimer: We aren’t promising that everything you try on will be a win, but this process helps the stylist combine your main goal with what works on your body to produce a look you can be proud to flaunt! And we will gladly rip those size labels right out of the clothes if you want (WARNING: INVALIDATES RETURN POLICY). Just ask! 😉 **

We know how daunting trying on clothes may seem at times, but it is without a doubt 100% worth it. Pinky promise!

TIP: If you would prefer more one-on-one time with your stylist and to avoid the crowds when trying on, hit us up during non-peak hours like daytime throughout the week. You can reach out for more information by calling one of our locations or texting

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