Pool Side Ready!

Pool Side Ready!


Pool season is here, and in retail, I have gotten so used to hearing women say, with dread, “but I’m not swimsuit ready.”  I hate this almost as much as I hate women saying they are “waiting til they lose 10 pounds to get new pants.”  I get it- completely, the struggle with our bodies is real, and I am all for wanting to look and feel our best, but we only live once, and I think it is so important to meet ourselves where we are in the moment and season. We are so hard on ourselves and our bodies, and it takes a lot of effort to talk to ourselves kindly.  I’m here to remind you that we are ALL swimsuit ready and I have some tips and tricks for the pool season to help you feel your most fabulous!


  • Find a suit you feel good in- easier said than done.  I’ve mentioned them before, but I 100% believe that paying the extra money for a good swimsuit is worth every penny.  The cheapo trendy Amazon swimsuit is probably not going to do you any favors, and you have no one to guide you through the process.  I love Everything But Water for swimsuits.  You can shop them online, but if you have a store local to you- GO IN.  Good styling and customer service is so hard to find, but they have it down.  I may be a stylist for women in clothing, but when it comes to swimsuits, even I want help, and they do just that.  I have never left disappointed. My go to suit is always a solid black one piece because it is versatile and flattering. everything but water, black swim suit, nordstrom, evereve
  • A fun poolside dress is the perfect piece for summer pool parties.  We have so many great breezy dresses that could easily be worn over a swimsuit if you just aren’t wanting to bare all.  A cute colorful dress is a perfect piece that can be worn to pool parties all summer long. 


  • maxi dress, resort wear, nordstrom, summer dress, pool dresslime yellow summer dress


  • Lightweight pants are a great alternative to a traditional cover up.  I mentioned that I love a great black one piece for its versatility, and it pairs perfectly with a fun wide leg light weight pants and it immediately elevates your pool party look!  Plus- the pants work throughout the summer with a great basic tank or even a graphic tee. 
  • summer pool pants


  • Pool earrings- if you are new here, get ready, because I mention these all the time.  I don’t know what it is, but I promise that you will feel more confident in pool earrings.  A couple summers ago, I was just having a day.  My girls wanted to go to the local pool, and I was on the verge of a meltdown feeling uncomfortable in my swimsuit.  I really try to be a good role model for my girls when it comes to positive self talk, but I think we all have our moments and days when it is just HARD.  I knew I had promised we’d go, and not feeling “good” in my swimsuit wasn’t an excuse to derail the day.  I popped on some big beaded statement earrings and my fave pink lipstick, and I immediately felt better.  I added a fun cover up and was ready to go.  You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I got in at that pool that day, and now you’ll never find me at a pool without my statement earrings.

pool earrings seed bead earrings flamingo peacock

  • A cute fashionable cover up is a must.  Whether it’s a throw on dress or a kimono style look, adding a layer to your swimsuit for a party will take your look to the next level, and you are sure to feel confident and get compliments! 


  • summer pool cover up


So, ladies, grab your sunscreen and a couple new pieces for the upcoming pool season and feel your best!  

Thanks for following along!  Wear the outfit, get the compliments, spread the love! -Rachel




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