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Feeling Fresh this Fall

I don’t know what it says about me exactly, but I have always loved a fresh start; a new beginning.  I like a blank new planner at the beginning of the year, I love the first of every month, I even like MONDAYS for goodness sakes!  I think this is because it feels like a chance to start over again, embrace new things, forget about any mistakes or failures from the previous year, month, or week and just go at it strong. 

I feel this way about seasons also, so I embrace living somewhere with the four seasons, and Fall is one of my absolute favorites.  I’m ready to say good bye to extreme heat (especially this year!) and welcome autumn with open layered and sweater clad arms.  It’s a new season, and as kiddos go back to school,  a whole new year of routines and schedules begins to form.

I also fully believe we are our best when we FEEL our best.  A great outfit holds a lot of power for me!  If I’m wearing something I love, I have way more confidence! We have so many great pieces at leopard to help you update and revamp your fall wardrobe.  Adding a few new pieces can update your wardrobe for the next season, but can also help add new life to some of your old favorite pieces.

I always suggest going through your outerwear at the beginning of fall.  Do you still like the fit and wash of your jean jacket, or is it time for an update? A jean jacket that is a little oversized and even a little cropped is super hot right now.  We have a great patchwork jean jacket that adds a little something extra.

patch work denim jean jacket

Blazers are still HUGE- do you have any that you love that you can incorporate, or do you need a new color or style? Right now, a boyfriend fit blazer is trendy, but still so classic- like the amazing Barbie pink one we have by Liverpool and the Floral blazer is spot on. 

Pink Barbie Blazer and Pant Set SuiteFlower Oversized Blazer

Do you have a moto jacket you love? This is style that stays relevant year after year- so be sure to get yours out and rock it, or treat yourself if this is a style you don’t have yet! Try on your jackets and coats, keep the pieces you still love and consider donating the pieces that you don’t feel great about, then you know the holes in your closet that need to be filled.

Moto Jacket

Same rule goes for denim- go through and take inventory of what you have.  Ditch or donate jeans that don’t fit or that you don’t feel confident in.  You probably don’t need ALL new denim, but adding a few styles and bodies will help you love the pieces you have in your closet and give them new life.  Consider a body you haven’t tried- a flare jean (Spanx is my FAVE), or maybe a girlfriend more relaxed style, or add a colored denim for a fun twist!

Spanx Flare jeans

Now tops- my favorite category.  Really think about what your fall and winter look like this upcoming year.  Are you needing more dressy tops because you’re back in the office or have events coming up?  Are you going to have a pretty casual season with kid sports games and mom life? Access what you already have, make a list of your wanted items that will fill holes in you wardrobe and get shopping with a purpose. 

silky blouseblue silk shirt jacket

Start your fall feeling fresh with a wardrobe you love and a new season full of opportunities and experiences awaiting you!  As always, thanks for following along!  Wear the outfit, get the compliments, spread the love!  -Rachel

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Fall refresh blog post

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