Summer Sets

Summer Sets


Let’s talk sets…. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this is not a new fave of mine.  I LOVE a good set- casual, dressy, print, solid- you name it, I’m here for it.  I understand that a full set look can be intimidating and I am here to break it down for you!

summer linen short set summer linen purple matching set

Sets are so polished!  The thinking is done for you- you’ve got the top and the bottom to match, put it together and BAM- fashionista.  The full look is a bold statement that exudes confidence and I just can’t get over it! 

 blue womens summer matching suitelectric blue matching set

As if I don’t, LOVE the idea of a set enough, make it a BLAZER set, and I’m done for.  Give me ALL the blazer sets.  This is a hot trend right now, and the shorts set is so chic and polished for this season.  Blazers are still such a hot item and this bright blue color is so fun, the neutral khaki blazer is so timeless with the shorts or on its own. 

 linen blazer and short set summer suitLinen summer blazer womens suite

I often hear that it just “feels like too much.”  Ok- I hear you.  Still, if you like the pieces, I say go for the set and wear them as separates with the option to do the full set. People are wanting  a more curated closet or a capsule wardrobe- sets lean into this beautifully.  Start by wearing the pieces apart, and on a special day when you are feeling great, try going out of your box and wearing the pieces together.  I promise you’ll get compliments!

summer sets, floral satin set summer satin set with floral

I love that this season we are seeing a little more structure and more dressy pieces, but if you are just a way more casual gal or just looking for something to bum around in or wear casually, the casual knit two piece set might be for you.  I love the neutral tan set we have with the stylish ribbed knit material. This one is perfect for travel as you can pair the pieces together or separate.

knit set womens summer set fashion summer sets knit tank matching pants

Thanks for following along!  Wear the outfit, get the compliments, spread the love! -Rachel

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