Styling 101: Jackets and blazers and vests – OH MY!

Styling 101: Jackets and blazers and vests – OH MY!


Ladies, let’s talk about basics. There are a few of them that never really seem to go out of style, and we think that this is an opportunity to take advantage of! It all starts with your fave jeans and T or top.

First, pick out your favorite current pair of jeans and T or top. There aren’t a lot of rules here other than:

1) Make sure you love them: Honestly, if you don’t love the clothes you have on, it’s time for them to move on. Nothing says confidence like loving the clothes you’re in! If an item even raises a question, I say HARD PASS!

2) Make sure they are style worthy: Sometimes we find or hold on to old, sentimental, or vintage items. These can be a treasure or a curse and knowing the difference can be a challenge. Please phone a friend (or stylist) to make sure that your favorite item is WORTHY of your style time. Dingy, misshapen, pilled-up articles are most likely working against you. Buh-bye!

3) Keep it simple/neutral: This is the most important part because if you want this look to be versatile it needs to act as the base, allowing the accent piece to shine (this will be the outer layer/accessories). Choose simple items as to not to distract away from the main attraction.

Step one: Pick your favorite t-shirt or top.

Now that you’ve got your favorite base layer picked out, simply add any jacket, blazer, or vest of your choice! Creating options and versatility for your basics will give them style longevity. Since these pieces tend to outlast the trends, you can keep them on hand for more than a few seasons. All you need to do is switch up the outer layer. Add accessories of choice and voila!

Tip for the outer layer – these can certainly be more on trend but even jackets, blazers, and vests lend themselves to a timeless look. To go this route, choose quality pieces that aren’t screaming every latest look. The benefit? Once again, we can often keep these pieces for years before it’s time to end the relationship. So, by adding outer layer classics to your base layer, you can truly create an updated and stylish ensemble for seasons to come.

Step 2: add fun outer layer! This black Ciao Milano jacket is a great bomber option.

This fuzzy blue Molly Bracken jacket is perfect for winter, fall, and all transitioning periods in between!

The Mollly Bracken jacket – ain’t she a beaut?

How about this killer blush pink vest from Current Air?

Gimme that vest!

Strike a pose in a Ciao Milano trench.

Mmmm hmmmmm giirrrrlll!!!

Or what about a delicious navy Liverpool blazer?

Add cheesy blog laugh aaaannnddd … perfect!

We’re positive you will love this look!

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