Rachel's Summer Packing List!

Rachel's Summer Packing List!


A Q&A with Rachel Sauter- Owner of Leopard Boutique

Vacation Essentials Edition


A: OK Rachel, we know you’re about to leave for a family vacation and we have to know, what are your outfit essentials for summer vacation?


R: I’d have to say my top three things I have to pack for any beach vacation- especially a family vacay- are the perfect denim shorts, a stylish kimono, and my black one piece swimsuit. I think Jean shorts are essential for all vacation activities. I throw mine on with my black one piece swimsuit and add the kimono and I feel like I can go have lunch, go shopping and I can immediately get in the pool or go swimming on the beach with my girls. The look is practical, but still stylish!



 A: What else does the ever stylish Rachel bring on vacation?


R: I love dresses for a vacation! I always bring a nice maxi dress that I can dress up or down as well as a casual dress that doubles as a cover up. I also always pack a few basic tank tops (I love that the z supply ones are 100% cotton) that I can mix and match with a kimono and my denim shorts or even tie over the top of a dress to make a totally new outfit.


A: And we have to know, are you more of a flip-flop or heels girl on vacation?


R: When I am on vacation, I’m mostly a flip flop girl.  Our vacations are pretty low key and casual, so the havaianas are my go to choice. They are what I wear to the beach, pool, and running errands.  They even work with dresses- especially the ones that are shimmery

A: And what kind of accessories do you like to take on a beach vacation?


R: You know I’m an accessories girl! I love a good big sun hat, a few statement earrings and of course my versa tote! It is perfect for the pool, for the beach, and for taking all of our things to the restaurant so if the girls want to play with a little toy while waiting for dinner, I have the space for it all! It is a perfect carryall for a wet or sandy environment.


A: So you say you like statement earrings on vacation which feels like the opposite of the more casual vibe that you mentioned you like to have on vacation.


R: Yes! You can call me crazy but even in my super casual looks like a tank with denim shorts or swimsuit cover-up I love statement earrings and when I add lipstick, I feel like I have a fun and put together look.



A: Are there any other last-minute details that you make sure to do for vacation?


R: I always use packing cubes and little pouches to sort my jewelry and makeup, and I like to get less expensive sunglasses so that way if they get scratched in the sand or I accidentally leave them by the pool, I’m not totally devastated. And I can’t forget to bring a great beach read. It may be hard to read with the kiddos around, but we are ALL taking 30 minutes each day this summer to read or look at books.  My latest addiction is ANY book by Lisa Jewel.



And these cuties for my girls, I just couldn’t help myself!


A: Any skin care or beauty products you recommend?

R: Don’t forget your sunscreen! Tans are nice, but the side effects of aging, wrinkles and skin cancer are not worth it!  I love the Super Goop mist!  I also pack my fave self tanning mouse by Glow Girl for a safe vacay glow.

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