If Gisele Can Do It, So Can I.

If Gisele Can Do It, So Can I.


It’s in the news, in celebrities’ lives, and we all have experience with it. We’ve seen it make or break a friend, family member, colleague, or idol. Now it’s time to talk about it.

Mental health is a real issue and we think it’s time that we all pay a little more attention to it. What is mental health? “Mental health refers to our cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being – it is all about how we think, feel, and behave” (sourced). Model Gisele Bündchen has recently come forward about her mental health, her struggles with anxiety and thoughts of suicide, and she has inspired us (read more here.) The lady we admire so much for the way she moves and looks has written a memoir that helps us see how she feels, which is to be released Oct. 2nd. I think it’s safe to say that we value her bravery and strength because talking about personal tribulation is sometimes just too difficult.

Gisele is echoing a sentiment that we all need to hear sometimes, we are not alone in our struggles despite how lonely it feels. Even the most positive and put-together people have hard times. Hey, we all have our “stuff,” right? So let’s support ourselves and one another! Leopard aspires to be more than just a clothing boutique. We hope to be a place in the community where people come to share and commiserate about life’s ups and downs. Just a modern day Cheers, where the wine is free. We can never really know what another person is going through. What we can do is share experiences and information, and perhaps seek help for ourselves and/or loved ones. We feel compelled to say that we love you and want you to take care of yourself.

We’ve all been there – a bad day, a long week, just . . . off.

Sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes, it’s a bad year or years. Sometimes, it’s a loss that we cannot cope with. It can feel beyond our control. We can feel lost, hopeless, desperate, or be completely unaware of what exactly is happening.

Living this way feels like we’re in a haze or under a cloud. It’s isolating. It’s not really living at all.


Just like our outward appearance differs so much from person to person, our inward world is as varied but hidden from others’ view. As girlfriends, we’ve got each others’ backs – we have become pro’s in pointing out lipstick on the teeth, a hair out of place, a tag sticking out, or TP on your shoe. However, our mental health isn’t always as obvious to our friends. Does it seem like we try to force our thoughts and feelings to match what we think is “appropriate” versus what is really going on in our heads? Do you think you have ignored thoughts and feelings that might be red flags for needed change, out of fearing that “they just won’t understand?” I know I have. Believe me ladies, you can not cover these problems with lipstick and mascara. Good mental health is vital.

Heavy stuff, yes. True stuff? Also yes. I can sit here and list all of the things that aid in good mental health, but the truth is we all need to lean on one another a little bit more. We are all different and unique and heal differently, but one thing we have in common is that communicating makes us feel good and is good for us. Trust me when I say that I know how TER-RI-FY-ING it can be to really open up! Trust me again when I say that whenever I do open up, get deep, or just vent with friends I immediately feel like a weight has been lifted. More often than not those conversations end in smiles, hugs, and a renewed sense of clarity rather than the eye-rolling and judgment I feared.


Feelings happen – they’re natural. So why are we embarrassed by them? Even when our feelings may not match our reality, they are still real. There is no reason to be embarrassed by them, ladies (& gents)! So let’s talk about these emotions, and validate one another no matter how “crazy” we think they may be. Do not be afraid to share what you’re going through! Personally, it’s kind of amazing what leaning on my friends (or life coach, or therapist, or family member, or . . .) does for my mental health. We just wanted to say that you’re not alone and you don’t need to process life’s hurdles alone. LOVE YOU!!!


ARTICLE: 12 Common Symptons of Depression That Shouldn’t Be Ignored


If you think that you or someone you know is having a problem and needs assistance, please seek help immediately. Mental health is no joke! Do not be ashamed to reach out to a loved one or to ask your doctor for aid, referrals or other resources.

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