Why Kimonos Are HOT, and Why You Clearly Need One

Why Kimonos Are HOT, and Why You Clearly Need One


KIMONOS. They’re everywhere this summer and for good reason! They provide endless options from any look, casual to dressy. Take your look from drab to fab instantly by wearing a kimono!

Woman wearing silky floral print kimono.

They Are Oh-So-Easy

Taking the kids to the zoo? A kimono can take any t’-shirt and jeans outfit from a look to a LEWK and is perfect for all those cute pics with the kiddos.

Date night after at a local brewery? Throw it over any dress you already have, and voila, you instantly have the perfect summer combination.

This look could also keep you cozy when the sun sets or in those chilly air-conditioned venues.

Woman in shorts, tank top and floral print kimono.

Kimonos Are Versatile

Speaking of transition, kimonos are a perfect addition to the expecting mama’s wardrobe. Any mom-to-be can follow the same advice above and take a basic look up a notch with a gorgeous kimono.

Every mom deserves a little pampering, which is why we think a kimono makes for the perfect gift for our expecting mom’s-to-be. Don’t be in a rush to pass this maternity item along – it can be worn during and post pregnancy!

What we love about Kimonos is that they are often lightweight, unlike a cardigan or jacket. This means that just because the weather warms up you don’t need to fear layers and accessorizing! Pair your Kimono with a thin belt and you now have a fun and light layered top! Throw on some statement earrings so that any ordinary look is immediately taken to the next level.

Woman wearing a leopard print kimono.

Kimonos are also a great item for your beach bag. Use one as a stylish cover up for a quick, put-together look on the beach, for example!

They Add Richness

If you find your closet is looking a little on the neutral side, pop in a pretty kimono for a quick color injection. They can be worn with so many different looks and styles that even just one kimono can give you a handful of new outfits to rock all over town. Kimonos even make a great piece to pull into fall wardrobes, so the fun doesn’t stop once the summer sun fades!

Woman wearing printed kimono and holding a sun hat.

With so many textures, colors and styles to choose from, the styling possibilities for kimonos is endless.

Now that we’re sure you ready to go and find your new favorite kimono, we’ll let you in on a little secret! Leopard’s summer sale is right around the corner! Kimonos will be 19.99 on sale, which means you can find your perfect summer additions guilt-free. See you at Leopard on June 29th, and be sure to ask our stylists to help you find the perfect kimono for you!

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