New Year, New Intention

New Year, New Intention


A Note From the Owner

I teach my kids to say “thank you” without even questioning why. It’s the polite thing to do after all. I’m constantly telling my five-year-old, in a quiet, clenched voice, “What do you say?” prompting her to say “thank you” when I wish she would have said it on her own. I give my one-year-old a loud, exaggerated “thank you!” whenever she hands me a puzzle piece or a block or whatever she just spit out of her mouth. Yet, somehow, when it comes to a compliment, I have a hard time saying “thank you” myself.

I’m nearing 35, and no one is around nudging me to say “thank you” now. I receive a compliment and immediately react with an:
“Oh no, I need to lose 5 pounds”
“Oh gosh, I’m not even wearing makeup today”
“Oh my, (insert any excuse).”

What if I just pushed myself to say “thank you?” What if I left it at that?

So, this year my New Year’s resolution isn’t to lose five pounds.

It’s to say “thank you.”

Maybe if I can relearn to say “thank you” when given a compliment, my girls will know how to say “thank you” too.

I WILL take the compliment. I WILL hear what that person is saying. I WILL give myself a second to live in it. And, I WILL say thank you.

Thank YOU for listening. Happy New Year.


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