More Compliments

More Compliments


As we begin the month of March, a month dedicated to Women’s History, I think back on our recent history and what it has meant for women. While there have been some big strides forward there have also been some major setbacks. For our generation’s impact to be positive, we need to continue pushing to assure our gains won’t be short lived.

Sandra Lee, owner of Sandra Lee Hair Design

For my business, our part is simple…focus on our mission. Our purpose at Leopard is to help women find confidence through a personal boutique experience and a positive work culture. That means we treat every woman that walks through our doors like the goddess she is. We will not feed into the negativity that surrounds a woman’s view of her body. We will fight the negativity and change how you feel about yourself. We will lavish you with the compliments you deserve as will everyone that sees you in your new outfit from Leopard. It is our hope that the positivity we create at Leopard can translate into positivity outside our doors and multiply and grow with the more people we and our customers interact with.

Jean Scholtes, owner of Kind Soap Company

A couple of years ago we added the second half to our purpose, helping women find confidence through a positive work culture. We came to the realization if we are going to make a real change we need a broader approach. How can we have a positive impact on the women that walk through Leopard’s doors if the women of Leopard themselves don’t feel appreciated and valued. I will never forget how it felt to be forced to lay off almost my entire staff due to the shutdowns. The women that work at Leopard have families and children that they support and that we love and I never want to let them down again. We have vowed to build back smarter and continue to diversify the roles women take in our company. We must empower each other to take Leopard into the future.

Rachel Sauter, Courtney Sedano, and Nicole Tilly at Leopard Boutique’s Webster Location

We are just beginning this mission and we have a long way to go. We won’t get anywhere if we don’t have YOU. Please join us on our mission. “How?”, you might ask. Leopard’s promise to you is More Compliments. While that might have started as a result of the compliments women receive in our clothes, we want it to be something much bigger. We want you to be mindful of your words and to give others more compliments. An even bigger ask, we want you to be more accepting of compliments that are given to you. Try not to immediately devalue the compliment someone gives you. Instead, embrace it. Let them love you then take that love and pass it on to someone else. I truly believe that through many small acts we can have a worldwide impact.

Over the next month we will be highlighting women in business like the women from a local construction company in the main image at the top of this blog, Sandra Lee of Sandra Lee Hair Design, and Jean Scholtes from Kind Soap Company.

Thanks for spending time with me, I’m grateful for all my Leopard ladies!

Rachel Sauter, owner of Leopard Boutique

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