Jewelry: The Cherry on Top

Jewelry: The Cherry on Top


A dash of sparkle, a little leather, a tiny feather, and all the beads. Jewelry. This is one of our favorite topics! It’s fun, beautiful, unique, and expressive. You can keep it simple or go big. Whatever tickles your fancy, those finishing touches are everything when completing a look. And wouldn’t you know it, Leopard just happens to have lots of fun jewelry to play with! All aboard the sparkle train!

This Metal Floral Filigree Pendant Necklace is only $28! Shop this baby here!

Why is jewelry important? What’s a birthday cake without the frosting? A casual look can go from weak to chic with just a dash of shiny accessory. Adding a simple bar necklace like the one below will jazz up your outfit with a pop of twinkle.

This Kendra Scott inspired bar necklace is only $16! Click on the “bar necklace” link above to see all color options!

Take it a little further with layering pieces or go for the gold with tassels and coordinating earrings and bracelets. Feeling a little extra that day? Try a combo like the one below:

1) Choose your first piece. We started with the necklace like this one

2) Add coordinating pieces like this bracelet combo…

  • A skinny bangle like this
  • With another bangle of a different visual weight like this
  • Add some background fluff, like these beautiful beaded bracelets here

3) Finish with remaining needs, like earrings!

  • Try something like these

Does your outfit call for something a little bit more special than a simple necklace or going all out? Maybe you’re in need of a statement piece, like this

… would your cute little black dress be the same without it?!?! Mm mmm girl!

Jewelry is the ultimate way to finish your look. It adds richness, depth, texture, and charm. Don’t you feel a little more polished when you add some glitz and glam to your garb? At the end of the day, a pretty piece of jewelry is the finishing touch to any outfit.

Keep up with all of your favorite jewelry trends here!

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