Get Your 2020 Wardrobe at Leopard

Get Your 2020 Wardrobe at Leopard


It’s that time of year. The holidays are over; its cold; we are all bloated; the kids are out of school; you are looking around the house thinking, “do we really need all this stuff?” With the beginning or a new year, heck…a new decade, it’s time to clean house and simplify our lives. One way to simplify our closet is to create a capsule wardrobe, and Leopard can help. Think of a capsule wardrobe as the building blocks of your closet that support the foundation of your personal style. Start by investing in timeless, classic pieces that set your current fashion mood—then add trends, color, prints and patterns for each season. The high quality, versatile pieces below will give you a stable capsule wardrobe to build off for years to come.


They are worth the hype. Spanx leggings are comfy, stylish, and flattering. Wear them to run errands, yoga, or dress them up with a cute pair of boots or heels. There is nothing you can’t do with Spanx! Bonus: their high quality means you wont have to replace them every year!

Tess Jacket

The Tess Jacket NEEDS to be in your closet. The cinched waist makes it so flattering. The material makes it weather proof. There is even a hidden hood in the collar which makes the Tess perfect for a light breeze or more chilly winter days.

Mark Jenkins

Memory foam, real leather…need we say more? In addition to being comfortable, Mark Jenkin’s shoes come in dozens of styles all with varying heel heights! Finding the perfect style for you is simple! The real question is trying to decide which pair you DON’T want!

KUT Denim

KUT From The Cloth denim makes shopping for jeans ACTUALLY fun. No seriously, KUT is arguably one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans you will ever wear. Our Leopard stylists recommend sizing DOWN up to 2 sizes depending on how you like your denim to fit. As you wear your new pair of KUT jeans, the soft denim relaxes and makes them your go-to denim. Similar to leather shoes, KUT denim will feel almost custom made to you the more you wear them!

So there you have it! The beginning of your 2020 Capsule wardrobe. Pick up a few of these timeless pieces and then sprinkle in some trendy tops and dresses throughout the year to complement them and create your own personal look. As always, feel free to stop by any of our 3 locations to get specialized help from our expert stylists. Happy Shopping!

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