Fall Fashion Trends 2021 at Leopard

Fall Fashion Trends 2021 at Leopard


I am truly SO excited for Fall and Winter clothes this year! There is something for everyone, so if you need to update your casual clothes or if you are finally ready to dress up, we have got you covered! There are so many fun and exciting trends for Fall and Winter that I am thrilled to share and wear!


Oh my goodness! It may be a result of the last year and a half in sweats and leggings, but we are ready to dress up and feel good! We have so many amazing dresses coming in every day. Dressy, casual, or in-between, go out on a date or meet up with your best friends, we got you covered and we guarantee you’ll feel like a million bucks!

Sparkle and Shine

Dressy and fun, we saw lots of sparkle, glitter, shine and fun embellishments, even on sweatshirts! I think people will be excited for the holidays this year, and it is a perfect time to throw on a sequin top or dress, or even a blouse, with a little metallic sheen!

Shades of Purple

This was a new one for me, but the more I saw, the more I liked it. And whether you like a muted faded mauvey purple or a vibrant jewel tone, we saw it all and we have you covered in the shop!


I saw it coming, but it was SUPER prevalent in Fall outerwear across the board. The Shacket is basically if a 90s plaid shirt and a jacket had a baby. And ladies, it’s everywhere is fall. Throw it on with leggings and a cute graphic tee and blast your fav 90s tunes!


Yes, we said it, sweater vests. Can you believe it? But WE promise, it actually is really cute. Throw on a white button down with jeans or leggings, add sweater vest, and bam. It feels like history repeats, but it really is updated and so cute.

Matching Sets

Dressy and casual, the matching set is a THING for fall and even carried over into spring 2022. I love this, especially for travel, because it allows lots of looks with two pieces. If your quarantine loungewear has seen better days, it may be time to update, and we have the cutest sets rolling in!

Ribbed Sweater

This was subtle, but very consistent. Lots of ribbing in light weight sweaters and in heavier sweaters. This is an easy and adaptable trend that really anyone can wear.

Leopard’s owner, Rachel Sauter

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