Buh-Bye, Winter Blues!

Buh-Bye, Winter Blues!


Alright ladies, who is absolutely OVER the winter blues?! If you’re anything like us then you’re really feeling it right now. These below average temps have us all feeling a little sad, down, and just all around #overit. So, when that 10 day forecast shows no sign of relief, what are we gonna do?

We’ve compiled a list of some easy go-to’s that we think help boost that inner morale while we get through these last few painful weeks of winter weather.

Look ahead! It can be soooo hard to even think about the warm weather when we are layered in sweaters, scarves and parkas while shivering with a warm cup o’ latte in our frosty hands. We know it! What always helps me look ahead is to set plans for the future – it gives us something to look forward to and get excited about. If you haven’t had a little warm getaway this winter, and aren’t planning to, try to plan something fun and springy a few months out. April is going to come so fast, so go ahead and make that outdoor play date at Forest Park, Main Street, or Grant’s Farm now. It can be hard to focus on the beautiful weather that we have yet to see, but just remember that we go through this every year and each time we come back around to gorgeous sunny days!


Buy flowers! Whether your purchasing from your local florist, grocer, mobile flower truck, or pick from own garden, a beautiful bundle of blossoms naturally lift the spirits. The colors, the scents, the silky petals – yes please! Doesn’t a nice bouquet or simple arrangement give you all the feels? We say YES! Decorate your home or office with your favorite buds and watch the stress melt away with each blooming day. Since flowers can get pricey over time, we suggest hitting up a spot like Trader Joe’s for their gorgeous bundle options that are very affordable and last just as long. This way it’s easier to consistently replace your centerpiece when the petals are withered and wilted.


Get a spray tan! Dangerous tanning booths are a thing of the past, and spray tans have come a long way since they first arrived on the scene. Nowadays you can find paraben-free options, like Glow Girl Color Bar’s natural and organic sprays that are cruelty-free to boot! (You can meet the owner and discuss package options at our upcoming Bloom event in Maplewood and Webster Groves!) Doesn’t it feel oh-so-good to have a little glow on our skin?

Let in the light! Gloomy days are really busting up my inner party, so I need all the brightness I can take. Regardless if the sun is out or not, opening up my curtains at home brings in any available natural light. This effect immediately brightens up my home and spirits. I don’t know about any of you, but during the winter I tend to keep the curtains drawn as an extra protective layer from the brutal cold. Busting those babies open brings a huge smile to my face, and it might for you, too!


Go get ice-cream! I know what you’re thinking … cold ice-cream in the freezing cold – doesn’t that seem crazy? Well, maybe, kind of. However, ice-cream is a feel-good kind of treat and going somewhere local and delicious gives us the idea that we are getting out of the house to enjoy something cool and sweet, like we will on warm sunny days. So, just like looking ahead, this idea let’s you get excited about something that you may not be doing this time of year! Can you tell that we’re really into brain trickery during these winter days? Hey, do what works, right?!?!

New sunnies! If we build it, it will come! Every girl needs a fab pair of sunnies, and if you want to keep in with trends without breaking the bank, Leopard has a lot of fun, new stylish shades that are sure to light you up. Matching a cute pair of sunglasses to your favorite #ootd will boost your spirits in a flash! You will feel so fresh and ready for the glorious sunny days ahead. Bring on the sunshine!


Find new accessories! Bangles, wraps, beads, tassels, handbags … give us all the good stuff! A fun new accessory will lift any girl’s spirits, and the good news is that they are not weather sensitive! With spring right around the corner, you go ahead and start adding those exciting and bright accessories to your wardrobe now. You can easily add a little something like these Parrot Threaded Straw Disc Drop Earrings to your current wardrobe! **Living Local Alert: Made by Maggie will be showcasing her collection at our upcoming Bloom event! Trust us, you will die over her handmade jewelry!**

Well, there you have it! Just a few little ideas that get us through the wintertide, so we wanted to share. We are almost there, ladies! Hold on tight, look ahead, and do something springy for yourself! We’ll see you on the other side.





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