Bloggers Gonna Blog

Bloggers Gonna Blog


What happens when a group of 9+ local female fashion bloggers get together at a local boutique for a blogger’s event? Magic. Pure magic.

Leopard was lucky enough to be a part of such an event on a brisk fall night just a short week back. We partnered with SoLayne Designs to put on the ultimate Girl’s Night Out – Blogger Edition. Bloggers mingled and networked, they shopped for the latest trends (and their latest posts – insert winky face), and there was even a raffle for 3 lucky winners to take home a bottle of wine and a $25 gift certificate to both SoLayne Designs and Leopard Boutique. What a night it was! Jewelry, clothes, shoes, balloons, hors d’oeuvres, wine, raffles and endless Girl Power Love. Mmm. Give us allll of that good stuff!

Meghan Layne, blogger and owner of SoLayne Designs, displayed the most fabu accessories from her latest collections. All we can say is that her take on trends are FIRE. You’ve got to check out her stuff! Take a peek here to begin your endless romance with SoLayne. We’ve fallen head over heels for her designs, and think you will too.

More of what we saw that night: Lovely bloggers walked in with smiles from ear to ear, greeting their social circle one by one. There was an endless supply of hugs and laughter filling the store with the familiar sounds of friendship. When I took a step back to observe the beauty of this tribe, I immediately saw an aura of sparkles, rainbows, and the fuzzy wuzzies coating the room. It was enchanting. I was also pleased to learn that these ladies try to get together often! And, not only do they support one another in their blogging endeavors, but they also enjoy the fellowship of the group. Something outside of their everyday norm; something that is for them. A social event. Community. So important, right?!?!?! It gives us ALL. THE. FEELS. Ladies, extraordinary things happen when we come together to support one another. Am I right?!?! To see a group of adult women form a social bond and be so connected with one another was uplifting to say the least. May we all be so lucky!

Who are the incredible ladies that we love to follow on Insta? See below and get connected!

Meghan Layne @meghan.layne

Mary Powers @missmarypowers

Emma Fray @earnestlyemmeblog

Kaitlin Claywell @kaitlinclaywell

Christine Frisella @christinefrisella

Jen Cowan @andhattiemakesthree

Jessie and Marissa @nicole_in_the_middle

Emily Martinez @emmyloustyles

Katie and Lydia Shelton @ohdarlingblog_



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